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    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Tucson%20Ad_2.jpg Registration Deadline Extended! Tour Catholic sites and local attractions /tucson-pilgrimage _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/golf-1.png Friday, September 22, 2017 Support the Cathedral and the Diocese of Phoenix Vocations Office. /10th-annual _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Teaching%20Tuesdays%20Re%20Cath.jpg Live with Passion and Purpose https://s3.amazonaws.com/dc-files/pdfs/Rediscover_Cath_SG.pdf _blank
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Alpha%203.jpg Join us for ALPHA at the Cathedral Be our guest for Alpha! Starting Sept. 7th /alpha-1 _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/PP%20banner.png Pivotal Players - St.Francis Preview this exclusive episode from Bishop Barron's Pivotal Players Series /word-on-fire _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Cathedral%20Tour%20.jpg Pictoral Tour of the Cathedral Take a look through a guided photo tour. https://simonjude.org/photoalbums/the-cathedral _blank