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    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Immaculate_Conception-5.jpg Holy Day of Obligation All Catholics are obliged to go to Mass on this day.
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Lectio_Website_Slider-1.jpg Teaching Tuesday Father Lankeit's Teaching Tuesday is back! New Teaching Tuesday series _blank
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Pipe%20Organ.jpg December 15th | 7:00 p.m. Come and listen to the beauty of our new organ! /pipe-organ-dedication _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/advent%20.jpg Go deeper this Advent Bishop Robert Barron will offer FREE daily reflections throughout the season of Advent. /bishop-robert-barrons-advent-reflections _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Pipe%20Organ_blessing.jpg ¡Una celebración! Mañanitas a la media noche con mariachi y un procesión. /celebracion-de-nuestra-virgen-de-guadalupe _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Posadas.jpg Posadas Desde el viernes 16 de diciembre, el domingo 18 de diciembre /posadas _parent
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Christmas.jpg Christmas Offering Please make your Christmas offering online or put a Christmas giving envelope in any of the December Sunday Collections. Thank you. https://www.eservicepayments.com/cgi-bin/Vanco_ver3.vps?appver3=Dc8dzPGn4-LCajFevTkh9Gt8GsDmQOYKqkh9uZEMJaMGaHRYn4elVPUy6A1ONrkKnDPyXHpN_1bL0SGwtK5uXWsE5sFcP5W_q6OpXQTy0tFO7OyC2Ai3GzevEGwvQj9mk0PpduXvnt8gXUeZjQYbn8n9nCJHm8vh8HPOy0Gqpk0=&ver=3 _blank
    /slideshows/homeCustom1564x466/Christmas_slider.jpg Mass and Confession times Prepare for the coming of Our Lord with confession and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass. /2016-christmas-schedule _parent